1. III
elect smb. elect a chairman (a president, a member of Parliament, a magistrate, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ председателя и т.д.
2. IV
elect smb. in some manner elect smb. unanimously выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. единогласно
3. V
elect smb. smth. elect smb. chairman (him president, her a deputy, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. председателем и т.д.
4. VII
elect smb. to be smth. elect smb. to be chairman (him to be president, him to be magistrate, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. председателем и т.д.
5. XI
be elected to some office be elected to the committee (to Congress, to Parliament, to the Supreme Court, to a fellowship, etc.) быть избранным в комитет и т.д.; the President of the United States is elected every fourth year президента США выбирают каждые четыре года; he was elected to the vacancy его избрали /он прошел/ на эту вакантную должность
6. XXI1
elect smb. for some time elect smb. for another term (for a certain term, for seven years, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. на новый срок и т.д.; elect smb. in some manner elect smb. by secret ballot (by show of hands, by roll-call, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. тайным голосованием и т.д., elect smb. to some office elect smb. to Parliament (to the presidency, to the magistracy, etc.) выбирать /избирать/ кого-л. в парламент и т.д.; we have elected delegates to the meeting мы выбрали делегатов на собрание

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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